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Thomas Michaelides , TCM Law Group Las Vegas sued a former client who blogged about him for defamation. Las Vegas attorney Thomas Michaelides was unable to get the links removed that stated facts such as being sued multiple times for legal malpractice and being suspended by the Nevada State Bar. So, Thomas Michaelides Las Vegas attorney created his own own order directing multiple websites to remove posts and then submitted the order to Google to de-index those links critical about his law firm. Yes, that is right, Thomas Michaelides Las Vegas attorney FORGED the court order and submitted it to Google.No only is doing such highly unethical it is also highly illegal – so illegal it violates both federal and state law. See 18 USCS ยง 505: Whoever forges the signature of any judge, register, or other officer of any court of the United States, or of any Territory thereof, or forges or counterfeits the seal of any such court, or knowingly concurs in using any such forged or counterfeit signature or seal, for the purpose of authenticating any proceeding or document, or tenders in evidence any such proceeding or document with a false or counterfeit signature of any such judge, register, or other officer, or a false or counterfeit seal of the court, subscribed or attached thereto, knowing such signature or seal to be false or counterfeit, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both. (emphasis added)See also, forging a seal or signature of a judge or other public officer is a violation of NRS 205.175.This instance of forgery to silence speech cannot be tolerated and no doubt federal and state law enforcement will there jobs as no one is above the law – including Las Vegas attorney Thomas Michaelides.

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