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few days ago

duncan davies review and complaint

Tanya Brune, Duncan Davies, David Valko, Luke James and the rest of the scamming lot.These conmen will steal your money, leave you without your car and finally attack you.All the people named above are well known in the con-business for as long as they have lived in the region and continue ripping people off with their scams. Rent2Buy Spain is a company owned by them and while promise to finance your car, they’ll just take your money and never give you any documents, leave your car broken and finally they’ll just steal it from your yard (ALL cars “sold” by them are fitted with GPS-tracking devices).Their typical scam is to “finance” your purchase from one of their “partners”, which is also owned by them, forcing you to pay hefty amount of money monthly, in exchange for the title of the vehicle, which you will never get, even if you pay in full for your car.If you don’t believe a word you just read, just search online for reviews of the companies below on yelp etc.Steer clear from them and the following companies in their group of “businesses”, all owned by Duncan Davies:Their online portal – Cars – motors, ValenciaMarb 500 – Auto Sales, MadridAutostop, BiscaySeven motors, SevilleCheap Cars Spain –, Top Gear Cars, Fuengirola – Cars Spain – now closed thanks to Guardia Civil and Policia Local

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