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Dr Gerard Gianoli is very good at what he does, lying and scamming people! Seems like the majority of patients get the same disgnoses of plf and he wants to perform surgery. Of course in the beginning he makes it seems like surgery is the last options and it can be managed with lifestyle change, then medicine….when that doesnt work then he will lead you to believe surgery is the only option. After he said surgery was last option I decided to get another opinion, now 8 month after seeing a new team of doctors that I never had what Gianoli claimed I did. I am being treated for vestibular migraines and have had zero dizziness. I now have my life back! When under the care of Dr Gianoli I couldn’t drive, couldn’t take care of my kids; barely myself. Being late 20s, I was ready to give up and after reading about his botched surgeries I am happy I was not another victim. Dr Gianoli forwarded my records to new doctor and no where in my records did he ever mention the diagnosis of plf or that he was urging me to have surgery. Seems to be what he did with many patients.

Do not use their services

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